Engine Carbon Clean – Engine Detox

Engine Carbon Clean at Swansea tyre, Clutch and MOT centre.

Engine Carbon Clean – Engine Detox

Ok, well we at Swansea Tyre, Clutch & MOT Centre have all heard it. Have your vehicle engine carbon clean done and you will save money, your vehicle will be faster. Give it an engine detox and you will notice immediate improvement blah blah blah!

We are now completely converted! We have been performing engine carbon cleaning in Swansea and engine detox services Swansea for the past month or so, and we are now speaking to people who have had the service with us and they are absolutely astounded by the change in their vehicles.

Below, we have taken a few examples of the vehicles we are talking about, the service we have performed for them and what they have experienced since the carbon clean and detox service:

BMW 116 2006 90,000 miles (Petrol)

Engine Carbon Clean Swansea

BMW 116 Having an Engine Carbon Clean

Service Received = Engine Detox (EDT)

This involves a full TEC4 Engine Flush being added to the vehicle. The vehicle was then run for 15 minutes to get to temperature. We then drained the vehicle conventionally. The next step was to hook the vehicle to our EDT machine. This pulses refined engine oil through the oil system at 40 degrees centigrade at 40 psi in a pulsing motion. This effectively removes all carbon buildup and debris from the engine over the 90,000 mile lifecycle it has already had. We then replaced the oil filter and filled with the correct grade of oil.

Immediate Result

Car started and just “sounded different” (Customers words) the vehicle didn’t have the normal metalic sound from the top of the engine you get from BMWs of a certain age. The car seemed to rev freely and the slight smoke that was there before now gone.

Road Test

(We sent the client out on the road test before charging him and told him not to come back and pay if there wasn’t a significant change in the vehicle)

Client returned and said this exactly….

“Oh my god! I didn’t know my car was even that bad until I had this done!” 

The car is MUCH more responsive and now “just feels different, it seems much more powerful and is so much quieter than I am used to! It’s like a new car!”

Needless to say, the client was very happy to pay for his Engine Carbon Clean! 

Mercedes Benz C-Class 2.1 89,000 miles (Diesel)

Engine Carbon Clean on Mercedes

Engine Detox (EDT) on Mercedes at Swansea Tyre Clutch & MOT Centre

Service Received = Engine Detox (EDT) and DPF Clean

This vehicle came in with a DPF issue where the DPF would keep filling and getting blocked. The client had gone to different garages who had advised that he was just doing too much local journeys etc. We decided to investigate the issue a little further. Firstly, we cleaned the DPF using our Tec4 machine and performed a forced regeneration of the diesel particulate filter. This cleared the DPF light on the dashboard. When the DPF is forced into regeneration, it can reach working temperatures of over 600 degrees C. This can have adverse effects on the engine oil as the vehicle runs a lot hotter than if the regeneration is an active/passive regeneration. It is essential to change the oil with a quality flush if you are going to force a vehicle into regeneration. At Swansea Tyre, Clutch & MOT Centre we go one step further.. We wash the oil system and polish it!

Once we were sure the DPF was fully clear and the measured soot content was near 0%, we started the Engine Carbon Clean and Engine Detox treatment. First the Tec4 oil system cleaner was added to the oil, the vehicle was then run for 15 minutes for the flush to break down the carbon and debris and hold it in suspension. We then drained the oil and attached our EDT Engine Carbon Clean and Detox machine. Again, refined oil was pulsed through the oil system at 40 psi and 40 degrees centigrade (the process is about 30 minutes long once the machine had performed its cycles). Once fully clean, the oil filter was replaced and the correct oil filled.

Immediate Result

Again, the engine just sounded different, there was no blue smoke as we had seen before from the exhaust and the engine was noticeably quieter than before. When the vehicle was revved, it seemed to rev a lot more freely and we noticed the idle speed had increased by 100-150 revs per minute.

Road Test

Taking into account that we had not had the opportunity to drive the car any considerable distance as it was permanently in limp mode with a DPF light on, we noticed that the vehicle drove amazingly well and seemed very responsive. There were no lights on the dashboard now and the cabin was very quiet. We decided to let the owner take the car for a spin as he knew the vehicle a lot better than we did. Upon the owners return into the reception, he could not hide his smile.. It seems we did it again! The words from the owner were “quite simply excellent” he was very happy with the result and was a bit apprehensive when we mentioned the Engine Carbon Clean and Engine Detox Service, but he too is now converted and said he would have the EDT every time he had his service carried out!

The owner returned a couple of days later to inform us that he was experiencing about 10% increase in MPG as well! So we were all very happy with that result! 

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