We Are South West Wales Only EDT Engine Detox Service Centre!

South Wales Engine Detox Service Centre

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Approved EDT Automotive Partner

Swansea Tyre Clutch & MOT Centre are proud to announce that we are now South West Wales’s only EDT Automotive Engine Detox Service Centre. As of today we are able to offer your vehicle the ultimate in detox and decontamination services anywhere in South West Wales!

Together with EDT Automotive we are bringing the ultimate in engine detox technology! Our EDT system will clear your engines oil system of all carbon and harmful deposits left behind when a normal oil change is performed. We force-feed refined oils through your vehicles lubrication system dislodging all debris and carbon deposit build up. This is then collected in a filtration system in our machine. The result is a clean, polished and thoroughly rejuvenated engine.

Test Vehicle

To put the EDT system to a real test we decided to try in on our 230,000 mile fuel recovery vehicle. We thought this would be the ultimate test as our vehicle regularly carries 1/2 ton of equipment and mixed fuel and also covers somewhere in the region of 500 miles on a daily basis draining vehicles with wrong fuel in up and down the M4.

engine detox connect dashboard

Our 230,000 Mile Transit Connect!

engine detox van

Our Van on the EDT Detox Machine

MAN we were surprised! We drained the vehicle using a TEC4 oil flush (this is a fantastic flush which does a fantastic job). We then hooked up our new EDT machine and started the detox process. What we saw blew us away (check out the video). The glass filtration tube suddenly filled up with black carbon filled deposit! We let the system do its cycles (15 minutes) then disconnected the machine, put a new oil filter on and refilled with oil.

Immediate Improvement

Once full with the correct oil, we started the vehicle. To our amazement we found the engine to be MASSIVELY quieter and smoother. There wasn’t the normal old diesel sound which we had become used to hearing from our very high mileage, abused little van! Then there was the free-revving, it was like the engine was new! Immediate response from the throttle and it seemed to be idling much better than it usually does!

Test Drive

We took the little van out for a test drive on the motorway. We thought a good measure was to drive to Bridgend and back (about a 30 mile trip) on the way to the M4 we had a call out in Barry. We thought we would just drive there to help the client out. When we got to the client we were embarrassed as we realised the little vans waste fuel tank was in fact full. Why is this so important to know? Well, we were so surprised with the response of the vehicle, we didn’t even realise that the 330L (about 1/3 of a ton) of mixed fuel was still in the back! The van was pulling so well, we thought that the fuel tank in the back must be empty! We managed to drain some of our fuel into the jerry cans we hold in the van, get the client fully drained and made our way back to the workshop. Once at the workshop, we drained the fuel tank and took the van for another spin. The improvement was absolutely astonishing! Our little van now pulls hard in EVERY gear and is so much better on fuel! As a mechanic, you are taught that no additive or wonder solution will fix your problem. You are taught to strip, clean and rebuild. We are now converted! We will never just flush and drain any of our own vehicles again!

The Final Test

engine detox after results

Look how clean the oil is after 84 miles and 2 hours of engine running!

Our final test to see just how good this service is, was to check the dipstick. Now, we had driven 84.4 miles, left the van running whilst we drained the disabled vehicle and then left the van running whilst we drained our tank on board of waste fuel. In total, the engine had been running for over 2 and a half hours! We then checked the dip stick to see the colour of the oil…. We were blown away! The oil was as clear as when we had first put it in! Remember, this is a 230,000 mile engine, which has been pulling over 1/3 of a ton of mixed fuel plus 1/4 ton of fuel drain equipment (plus 2 large fitters) over 84 miles and been running for over 2 hours!

The Offer

We are now taking bookings for your complete engine detox service!

As of today, we are taking bookings for April (as we are already nearly fully booked for March!) If you book your engine detox with us, we will perform a FREE TEC4 Carbon Clean at the same time! To ensure your vehicle is in the most tip top condition, we are offering to clean your vehicles fuel and combustion system at the same time detox your lubrication system. The TOTAL cost for this service is £150.00 plus the price of your oil. This service should cost in excess of £350! We are so sure you will be happy with the service that if you don’t notice an INSTANT improvement with your vehicle we will give you back your money!

To take us up on this offer (for a limited time only) call us on 01792 477 555 to book your detox now!


This is the video of our van having its detox.. Book yours today!

See the EDT Automotive video here:





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