Headlamp Polishing

If your headlamps are dull or you have failed an MOT for insufficient beam pattern, we can polish your headlamps for you at a fraction of the cost to replace them! The service takes roughly 30 mins (per headlamp) and can be done while you wait in our comfortable reception. Headlamp polishing is now commonplace as more and more vehicle manufacturers are making headlights from clear plastic which does not react very well to heat and is not very resistant to scratches.

The Cost

We charge just £30 per headlight for our renovation service. This will save you £167.98 using this example from Euro Car Parts! There is no need to spend hundreds of pounds on new headlights when we can offer you headlamp polishing at a fraction of the cost.

headlamp polishing

Price as per Euro Car Parts Website


The Results

The results speak for themselves! The headlights look new and the headlamp beam is now restored meaning you won’t need to worry about the MOT or driving during the night! We offer a full 12 month guarantee on all our headlamp polishing services. Should your headlamps need polishing again within the 12 months you had them done with us, we will polish them again for you completely free of charge while you wait.

Use the slider to see the before and after results on a Renault Laguna we polished for an MOT test.

Dull or disfigured beam pattern can not only make your vehicle fail it’s MOT test, itbl-4 can also make driving at nights very dangerous! Most modern vehicles are now using plastic headlamp lenses which over time get discoloured and dull. This reduces the impact of your headlamp bulbs and can cause complete distortion of the headlamp beam pattern which is designed for ultimate vision at night without glaring other drivers on the road.

To book your headlight polishing and restoration service, simply call us on 01792 477 555 and we will tell you the best time to pop in and have the service done.

You can either leave us the vehicle for the day or have a while you wait service.