Mobile Mechanic Service in Swansea


Fully Equipped Mobile Mechanic With The Latest Diagnostic & Carbon Cleaning Equipment!

We have a mobile mechanic service for our clients in Swansea & surrounding areas! We have everything we need on board our van to help you with your vehicle issues. Our little fuel drain van is fully equipped with the very latest in Carbon Cleaning, Diagnostic and Performance Remapping Equipment*.

We’ve realised sometimes, coming to us is just too much of a pain when you have life going on! Its usually the kids, work or needing to be somewhere else that gets in the way! This is why we are able to come to you and perform the services listed below (as well as our Mobile Tyre Fitting Service).

Should you wish to book any of the mobile services listed below simply call us on 02793 477 555. Please note that we will require at least 24 hours notice on most occasions and you are unable to book our mobile service on line. We will also require a deposit at the time of booking as spaces are limited.

*Removed at night for security reasons.

Mobile Mechanic Engine Carbon Clean Service mobile mechanic carbon cleaning

We are offering our Engine Carbon Clean service to improve the way your vehicle runs and restore lost power and gain MPG. This service is now part of the recommended service schedule for some prestige main dealers & you will feel the difference immediately after the process. Our Engine Carbon Clean Service will run your vehicle on concentrated fuel & additives through our latest high tech machine to remove carbon build up, varnish & tar residue in your fuel and combustion system. This will reward you with INSTANT improvement in drivability and MPG.

The cost for the full Carbon Clean & Fuel System Clean Service is £120 including VAT. This WILL increase your fuel economy by 10-15%

Engine Carbon Clean Service information can be found on by visiting this link. 


Mobile Mechanic Performance Remappingmobile mechanic performance remapping

We can come to you and perform your Mobile Performance Remapping Service. Our team of specialist tuners will receive your original file, tune your file (using rolling road tested parameters) and then send the file back to us to upload to your vehicle. The whole process takes just an hour or so and we are happy to do this at your place of work or home AT NO EXTRA COST! All our ECU Performance Remaps are fully rolling road tested and are unique to your vehicle! We DO NOT use generic downloaded maps as we tune YOUR map from your vehicle!

Typically, we will increase your vehicles power by up to 30% and increase your fuel economy from 10-15% (dependant on your driving style). We are so confident that you will be happy with your performance remap, that if you are not 100% satisfied with your upgrade, simply call us within 30 days, and we will remove our software, put your vehicle back to standard and refund you 100% of your money!

The cost of the mobile remapping service is £199 (OBD Port only). Should your vehicle require the ECU to be removed and remapped on a bench then the cost will increase and you will need to bring the car to our workshop- don’t worry, we will inform you at the time of booking if this is necessary!

Our vehicle performance remapping information can be found by visiting this link. 

Mobile Mechanic DPF Cleaning Service

mobile mechanic dpf cleaning

Click image to see video of the cleaning process

Our machine can clean and unblock your DPF on the vehicle. With the latest technology and chemicals, we can break down the carbon blockage in your vehicles DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and clear it out leaving your vehicle clean and ready to drive again. Lots of short distance driving damages the DPF as it never reaches full working temperature. In conclusion the DPF gets blocked with carbon and ash deposits from the engine.

DPF Information

A blocked DPF can send cars into “limp mode” and ultimately cause the vehicle to not start or run badly. Additionally, it’s important to clear the carbon and ash build up in your DPF through “regeneration”. However, sometimes this is just not possible. This is where we step in. We are able to force a special acid chemical which will break down the ash/soot and carbon blockage. Then send it out the exhaust as thick black dusty smoke. Cleaning the DPF takes roughly 45 minutes to an hour but once done, you will regain lost power and performance with an instant difference in the way the vehicle runs and performs. If you have a light on your dashboard that looks like this dpf cleaning light then we can help.

The cost for the Mobile DPF Cleaning Service is £120 including VAT. Furthermore, this includes a diagnostic printout confirming the ash and soot content of your DPF before and after the cleaning process.

To see this service in action, follow this link. 

To book any of our Mobile Mechanic Services simply call us on 01792 477 555.

Please note: We will require a deposit at your point of booking to secure your appointment date and time.

You cannot book our mobile mechanic service for any other service other than the services listed above. For all other repairs and services please contact us or pop in to our workshop during opening hours.