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Carbon Clean Engine Detox SwanseaCarbon Clean Engine

Swansea Tyre Clutch & MOT Centre offer Carbon Clean Engine Detox services in Swansea. We are the only EDT (Engine Detox Treatment) service centre in South West Wales.

We don’t just drain oil, we WASH the inside of your engine! This gives massive increases in power, torque and improves fuel consumption!

Does your vehicle’s engine sound noisier than when you first got it? Is it smoking and lacking power? You will benefit from an EDT (Engine Detox Treatment).

What Do We Do?

We force refined oils through the engine which has been heated and at high pressure. The oil is “pulsed” through the engine which cleans the oil galleries and polishes them to remove the harmful carbon build up.

Does it work? engine detox

Definitely! We will perform a gas test before and after your treatment to prove the improvement to your vehicle. The instant drive away difference is instantly noticeable. In fact, if we don’t improve your vehicle we will give you a FULL REFUND!

How Much Does it Cost?

The carbon clean EDT service costs £99 in addition to your regular service cost. This is a fantastic deal and will pay for itself in both fuel economy and future repairs!

How Long Does it Take?Carbon Clean Engine Detox

We perform the Carbon Clean EDT Service whilst your vehicle is with us. This will not make your regular service take any longer. If you are booked in for just an EDT service, this can be performed while you wait!

For all your Carbon Cleaning requirements, whether it be for the fuel system, intake and now the oil system, then call us on 01792 477 555 and we will improve your MPG, Power and Torque immediately!

We are Carbon Clean Engine Detox Specialists in Swansea. We are able to Carbon Clean:

Fuel System
Oil System
DPF Filters

Call us at Swansea Tyre Clutch & MOT Centre for a full and comprehensive quotation and advice.


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