Chris Perman

Mechanic & Misfuel Technician

Chris is a Mechanic and SPA Approved Fuel Drain Technician. Chris is also an approved F-Gas air conditioning technician.

Jon Mears

Workshop Controller, MOT Tester & SPA Approved Misfuel Technician

John is our Workshop Controller. He is also an SPA Approved Misfuel Technician, Class 4 & 7 MOT Tester and F-Gas Approved Air Conditioning Technician.

Allan Gray

Mechanic, Mobile Tyre Technician and Vehicle Welder

Allan is one of our mechanics. He is our mobile tyre technician and also a specialist welder and fabricator. If your vehicle is having welding Allan is probably the person who will be doing that for you!

Richard Janes

Mechanic & Misfuel Technician

Richard is one of our mechanics and an SPA Approved Fuel Drain Technician.

lee pallister

Lee Pallister

Managing Director

Lee Pallister is a fully qualified mechanic and has many years experience in the motor industry, in sales, repairs and racing. Lee Pallister is also a successful entreprener who owns 4 other businesses, including a Civil Prosecution company, Cafe, Car Sales and even has an interest in a Ballet School!

Lee has a busy life when it comes to business AND his family life, with two young daughters and two grown up boys he firmly believes giving them the best possibilities in life is his driving force behind his ambition and determination to get things done right.

Lee is bilingual, fluent in Spanish and English and has lived in Spain most of his adult life (which is why he is involved with Civil Prosecution of mis-sold timeshare). Lee is originally from Hertfordshire but has deep Welsh roots as his great grandparents hail from the Rhonda Valleys. His grown up sons still live in the London area but his two daughters (6 months & 4 years) live with him in Swansea. As a young mechanic, Lee built race cars for The Very Wicked Car Company and A1(M) motors. Lee fulfilled his apprenticeship at Leydon Road Car Centre Stevenage, and is a fully qualified mechanic. Lee also built and raced Beetle Cup Challenge cars in the early 1990’s where he won 2 championships.

Marie Caldwell

Customer Services

Marie is our Customer Services Supervisor, Should you have any queries or after-sales issues then Marie can help.

Mike Forrest

Operations Manager

Mike is our Workshop and Operations Manager. He has a wealth of customer care and management experience.

Calvin Hold

Mechanic, MOT Tester, Air Conditioning Technician and Computer Diagnostic Specialist

Calvin is one of our mechanics, he is also a class 4 MOT Tester, F-Gas Approved Air Conditioning Technician and Computer Diagnostic Specialist.