AA Approved Garage Swansea

AA Approved Garage Swansea

Your Local AA Approved Garage in Swansea AA approved garage Swansea

We are delighted to announce that Swansea Tyre, Clutch & MOT Centre are now FULLY approved and hold a Certificate of Excellence for our AA Inspection Audit and are now your local AA Approved Garage in Swansea.

If you are looking for an AA Approved Garage in Swansea then we are the people to call! Being AA Approved as well as RAC Approved has been a massive challenge for the business and we have jumped through hoops to get there!

Not only are we fully ISO9001 approved for quality assurance, we can now pop our AA Certificate of Excellence on our reception wall for all to see!

What this means to you…

  • You can be assured that we have been fully inspected and meet the very high standards that the AA set.
  • We are fully insured to carry out any repairs, servicing, MOT testing and recovery services for your vehicle so you never need to worry when dropping your car with us or us collecting your vehicle for repair.
  • We are fully trained to high standards and have regular ongoing training with recognised motor industry training boards, meaning you have the highest skilled technicians working on your vehicle with the most up to date computer technology.

There are not many dual affiliated garages in Swansea. Being Dual Affiliated with BOTH RAC and AA as well as being an ISO9001 and PAS43 Certified Company means you CANNOT get better value, quality and service anywhere in Swansea or (we believe) South Wales!

This is testament to the hard work our staff do every day to ensure that our clients are the happiest vehicle owners in Swansea and South Wales. Check out our 5* Rating on Trustpilot!

We are able to handle all warranty work covered by the AA (or any other warranty company) and we are able to deal directly with them on your behalf. If you have any issues with your vehicle and would like an AA approved Garage in Swansea to take a look then call us on 01792 477 555.

Please see our AA Garage Promise Below:

AA Approved Garage

A Complaint & Response.. Published as Requested by Client

Sometimes you just can’t win. We offer a very professional and honest service at Swansea Tyre, Clutch & MOT Centre. Sometimes things don’t always go to plan, but when presented with facts, we do our best to put things right.

The problem is, other garages or specialists will give opinion on work carried out by another garage and will offer unfounded advice or opinion on a repair or adjustment performed by a competitor.

We don’t get many complaints, and we always try to ensure that any client is happy, however sometimes you get someone who wants to threaten with Trading Standards, Social Media and Review Sites. Even though you are obviously trying your best to make sure their complaint is being handled in the most professional way.

It is important to understand that Swansea Tyre Clutch & MOT Centre will always do what we can to avoid rubbishing or passing comment on repairs or adjustments made by our competitors (unless blatant rip off or dangerous practices have been performed).

Below is a complaint from a client who had a free alignment check performed and then an adjustment using our 3D wheel alignment machine (charged at £59.98 for 4 wheels). What is confusing, is why would another company check the alignment after we had, & NOT fix the issue TWICE? If someone came to our business and their wheel alignment was out, we would print off the findings and present it to the client, who would then be given the opportunity to have the adjustment corrected.

Given this, we would gladly refund the client if they could present this evidence to us. Unfortunately saying “Someone else says you are wrong and if you don’t give me my money back I’ll go to Trading Standards & Social Media” is not enough. Anyway, you make your own mind up! This has been published here as requested by the complainant in his last paragraph. Just to prove we ARE honest, competent and professional. We have omitted the gentleman’s name and contact details but everything else is exactly copied and pasted.

The Complaint

On Mon, 29 May 2017 at 11:22 p.m., M***n H****d
<m***********d@yahoo.com> wrote:
Dear Mr Pallister
I am writing as I intend to make a formal complaint about the poor service I have received from your company swansea tyres Ltd.  On 3/5/17 I brought my vehicle a vw passat into swansea tyres to have a wheel alignment service on my vehicle, customer service made an error with my booking and as a result I had to wait three hours for the job to be completed, and payed £59.98 for the service.
However when I returned home i examined the alignment printout and noticed that the left front wheel camber was still not aligned.
So the next day I took the print out to a different tyre specialist who confirmed that indeed the alignment was still out and had not been done properly.
On 5/5/17 I called swansea tyres and spoke to Mr Pallister who said to return the vehicle the next day to give his perspective on the results.
The next day I telephoned swansea tyres Ltd and was informed Mr Pallister would not be in the garage that day. An appointment was made for the next week which was then cancelled by swansea tyres Ltd because the wheel alignment equipment was faulty. A new appointment was made and two weeks later 25/5/17 I returned my vehicle to Swansea tyres Ltd to have the alignment corrected. After an hour I was informed my vehicle had been corrected but couldn’t have a printout showing the results as the printer was broken but if there was any problems then I should return the vehicle to swanse tyres.
While driving my vehicle after leaving the workshop i noticed my vehicle was still veering to the left, so I contacted Mr Pallister who informed me that the alignment had been done correctly and it was probably the tyres. After being told the printer is not working i suspected swansea tyres were not being truthfull so the next day 26/5/17 I took my vehicle to a tyre specialist for a alignment test which confirmed that the alignment on my vehicle was still incorrect.
I feel Swansea tyres Ltd have been dishonest, unprofessional and incompetent. I have given Swansea tyres Ltd the chance to correct the original alignment service but they instead chose to try to mislead me. Therefore I am seeking a full refund of £59.98 and will consider contacting trading standards. I also feel that my experience be shown on my review of swansea tyres Ltd to warn other customers who are contemplating using your service. I have wasted four hours of my time due to your incompetence and do not wish to waste any more.
Yours sincerely
Our Response

Mr H******d,

Firstly please let me apologise for your delayed first appointment. I have checked the CCTV system and the booking system. It seems you were with us for just over 2 hours on the 3rd May, which is much longer than you should have been. As with any busy and popular garage workshop, sometimes jobs over-run and can take longer than expected. However, your vehicle had a 4 wheel alignment service which takes roughly 90 minutes to perform.

Additionally, you should have been informed why the camber adjustment wasn’t made. We always adjust camber (when possible) within our service. I can only assume as I reply to your email, that this was not able to be adjusted on your vehicle otherwise it would have been, however I will look into this post haste.

I understand you have taken your vehicle to another “tyre specialist” and they informed you that the wheel alignment hadn’t been performed correctly. Can I ask who this specialist is? Did they give you any printout showing the vehicle “incorrectly aligned?” Also, why they didn’t put it right?

Our wheel alignment equipment was not faulty. We have it periodically inspected and calibrated to ensure that it is completely correct. When the alignment machine is due calibration, or if we receive a complaint, we cancel all alignment services until the machine is fully checked. Our machine was fully checked and was proven to be completely calibrated and within tolerance (we also have a current calibration certificate).

When you returned for a FREE second alignment and adjustment, our printer was indeed out of order but I explained to you that the machine has a memory, so we are able to print historic alignments out and I would ensure there is a copy for you. Your vehicles alignment w

Our 30 inch display showing wheel alignment

as also displayed on a 30 inch screen in the reception area in direct line of  where you were sitting, and you were shown the calibration of your wheel alignment. I also instructed my staff to replace the printer immediately.

When you were in our reception, I asked you to take the vehicle for a good drive up and down Fabian Way (some 2 miles) and asked you to return immediately if there were any issues. You didn’t come back, so I assumed you were finally happy. When you called again, I asked you why you didn’t return and were informed it didn’t fit in with your other appointments. I then explained that if your vehicle has been fully aligned then there must be another issue and suggested you return to have your tyres looked at and possibly swapped from left to right (free of charge) to see if this either solves your issue or moves the veering to the other side (which would indicate a tyre issue). To date, you have not returned. I note, you have been to ANOTHER “tyre specialist” for an alignment check. Can I ask, have they put the vehicle right? Do you have a print out from them showing your vehicle alignment incorrect?

Your opinion of our business being “dishonest, unprofessional & incompetent” aside, I am happy to give you a full and final refund of your money. I will be happy to refund you in person at the workshop. When would be good for you to pop in and see me? I will of course expect to see the print outs from your other tyre specialist showing your alignment to be set up incorrectly, as this is the foundation of your complaint and you have stated that you have been given this information.

Please be aware, that any company offering wheel alignment can only warranty an alignment check for the period the vehicle leaves the workshop, this is due to the fact that drivers can leave a workshop with a perfectly aligned vehicle, drive into a pot hole in the road or clip a kerb within 1 mile of the workshop and suddenly, the alignment is out again. This is not just our company, but industry wide policy as it is impossible to know drivers habits. However, we are happy to offer the full alignment cost refund assuming you have the printouts showing the time-stamp with the dates you have mentioned in your complaint.

I am happy to publish your complaint & review, and my response on our blog and in any publication you choose, I am also happy to talk to Trading Standards, including any inspection or investigation they wish to pursue.

As ever, if there is anything more we can do, including the opportunity for you to watch ANOTHER FREE alignment check and adjustment (if needed) then I am happy to offer this (as well as the full refund as mentioned before).

Kind regards

Clients printout. (Camber & Caster not adjustable on front) Toe and Steer Ahead are dead on though.

Engine Carbon Clean – Engine Detox

Engine Carbon Clean

Engine Carbon Clean – Engine Detox

Ok, well we have all heard it. Have your vehicle engine carbon clean done and you will save money, your vehicle will be faster. Give it an engine detox and you will notice immediate improvement blah blah blah!

We are now completely converted! We have been performing engine carbon clean and engine detox services for the past month or so, and we are now speaking to people who have had the service with us and they are absolutely astounded by the change in their vehicles.

Below, we have taken a few examples of the vehicles we are talking about, the service we have performed for them and what they have experienced since the carbon clean and detox service:

BMW 116 2006 90,000 miles (Petrol)

Engine Carbon Clean

BMW 116 Having an Engine Carbon Clean

Service Received = Engine Detox (EDT)

This involves a full TEC4 Engine Flush being added to the vehicle. The vehicle was then run for 15 minutes to get to temperature. We then drained the vehicle conventionally. The next step was to hook the vehicle to our EDT machine. This pulses refined engine oil through the oil system at 40 degrees centigrade at 40 psi in a pulsing motion. This effectively removes all carbon buildup and debris from the engine over the 90,000 mile lifecycle it has already had. We then replaced the oil filter and filled with the correct grade of oil.

Immediate Result

Car started and just “sounded different” (Customers words) the vehicle didn’t have the normal metalic sound from the top of the engine you get from BMWs of a certain age. The car seemed to rev freely and the slight smoke that was there before now gone.

Road Test

(We sent the client out on the road test before charging him and told him not to come back and pay if there wasn’t a significant change in the vehicle)

Client returned and said this exactly….

“Oh my god! I didn’t know my car was even that bad until I had this done!” 

The car is MUCH more responsive and now “just feels different, it seems much more powerful and is so much quieter than I am used to! It’s like a new car!”

Needless to say, the client was very happy to pay for his Engine Carbon Clean! 

Mercedes Benz C-Class 2.1 89,000 miles (Diesel)

Engine Carbon Clean on Mercedes

Engine Detox (EDT) on Mercedes at Swansea Tyre Clutch & MOT Centre

Service Received = Engine Detox (EDT) and DPF Clean

This vehicle came in with a DPF issue where the DPF would keep filling and getting blocked. The client had gone to different garages who had advised that he was just doing too much local journeys etc. We decided to investigate the issue a little further. Firstly, we cleaned the DPF using our Tec4 machine and performed a forced regeneration of the diesel particulate filter. This cleared the DPF light on the dashboard. When the DPF is forced into regeneration, it can reach working temperatures of over 600 degrees C. This can have adverse effects on the engine oil as the vehicle runs a lot hotter than if the regeneration is an active/passive regeneration. It is essential to change the oil with a quality flush if you are going to force a vehicle into regeneration. At Swansea Tyre, Clutch & MOT Centre we go one step further.. We wash the oil system and polish it!

Once we were sure the DPF was fully clear and the measured soot content was near 0%, we started the Engine Carbon Clean and Engine Detox treatment. First the Tec4 oil system cleaner was added to the oil, the vehicle was then run for 15 minutes for the flush to break down the carbon and debris and hold it in suspension. We then drained the oil and attached our EDT Engine Carbon Clean and Detox machine. Again, refined oil was pulsed through the oil system at 40 psi and 40 degrees centigrade (the process is about 30 minutes long once the machine had performed its cycles). Once fully clean, the oil filter was replaced and the correct oil filled.

Immediate Result

Again, the engine just sounded different, there was no blue smoke as we had seen before from the exhaust and the engine was noticeably quieter than before. When the vehicle was revved, it seemed to rev a lot more freely and we noticed the idle speed had increased by 100-150 revs per minute.

Road Test

Taking into account that we had not had the opportunity to drive the car any considerable distance as it was permanently in limp mode with a DPF light on, we noticed that the vehicle drove amazingly well and seemed very responsive. There were no lights on the dashboard now and the cabin was very quiet. We decided to let the owner take the car for a spin as he knew the vehicle a lot better than we did. Upon the owners return into the reception, he could not hide his smile.. It seems we did it again! The words from the owner were “quite simply excellent” he was very happy with the result and was a bit apprehensive when we mentioned the Engine Carbon Clean and Engine Detox Service, but he too is now converted and said he would have the EDT every time he had his service carried out!

The owner returned a couple of days later to inform us that he was experiencing about 10% increase in MPG as well! So we were all very happy with that result! 

If you need an Engine Carbon Clean or Engine Detox Service, call Swansea Tyre Clutch & MOT Centre on 01792 477 555

Do you have a DPF Light on? Is your vehicle in limp mode? Have a look at our DPF Cleaning and Unblocking Service


Carbon Clean Engine Detox Swansea | EDT Clean Swansea

Carbon Clean Engine

Carbon Clean Engine Detox SwanseaCarbon Clean Engine

Swansea Tyre Clutch & MOT Centre offer Carbon Clean Engine Detox services in Swansea. We are the only EDT (Engine Detox Treatment) service centre in South West Wales.

We don’t just drain oil, we WASH the inside of your engine! This gives massive increases in power, torque and improves fuel consumption!

Does your vehicle’s engine sound noisier than when you first got it? Is it smoking and lacking power? You will benefit from an EDT (Engine Detox Treatment).

What Do We Do?

We force refined oils through the engine which has been heated and at high pressure. The oil is “pulsed” through the engine which cleans the oil galleries and polishes them to remove the harmful carbon build up.

Does it work? engine detox

Definitely! We will perform a gas test before and after your treatment to prove the improvement to your vehicle. The instant drive away difference is instantly noticeable. In fact, if we don’t improve your vehicle we will give you a FULL REFUND!

How Much Does it Cost?

The carbon clean EDT service costs £99 in addition to your regular service cost. This is a fantastic deal and will pay for itself in both fuel economy and future repairs!

How Long Does it Take?Carbon Clean Engine Detox

We perform the Carbon Clean EDT Service whilst your vehicle is with us. This will not make your regular service take any longer. If you are booked in for just an EDT service, this can be performed while you wait!

For all your Carbon Cleaning requirements, whether it be for the fuel system, intake and now the oil system, then call us on 01792 477 555 and we will improve your MPG, Power and Torque immediately!

We are Carbon Clean Engine Detox Specialists. We are able to Carbon Clean:

Fuel System
Oil System
DPF Filters

Call us today for a full and comprehensive quotation and advice.


We Are South West Wales Only EDT Engine Detox Service Centre!

South Wales Engine Detox Service Centre

engine detox sign

Approved EDT Automotive Partner

Swansea Tyre Clutch & MOT Centre are proud to announce that we are now South West Wales’s only EDT Automotive Engine Detox Service Centre. As of today we are able to offer your vehicle the ultimate in detox and decontamination services anywhere in South West Wales!

Together with EDT Automotive we are bringing the ultimate in engine detox technology! Our EDT system will clear your engines oil system of all carbon and harmful deposits left behind when a normal oil change is performed. We force-feed refined oils through your vehicles lubrication system dislodging all debris and carbon deposit build up. This is then collected in a filtration system in our machine. The result is a clean, polished and thoroughly rejuvenated engine.

Test Vehicle

To put the EDT system to a real test we decided to try in on our 230,000 mile fuel recovery vehicle. We thought this would be the ultimate test as our vehicle regularly carries 1/2 ton of equipment and mixed fuel and also covers somewhere in the region of 500 miles on a daily basis draining vehicles with wrong fuel in up and down the M4.

engine detox connect dashboard

Our 230,000 Mile Transit Connect!

engine detox van

Our Van on the EDT Detox Machine

MAN we were surprised! We drained the vehicle using a TEC4 oil flush (this is a fantastic flush which does a fantastic job). We then hooked up our new EDT machine and started the detox process. What we saw blew us away (check out the video). The glass filtration tube suddenly filled up with black carbon filled deposit! We let the system do its cycles (15 minutes) then disconnected the machine, put a new oil filter on and refilled with oil.

Immediate Improvement

Once full with the correct oil, we started the vehicle. To our amazement we found the engine to be MASSIVELY quieter and smoother. There wasn’t the normal old diesel sound which we had become used to hearing from our very high mileage, abused little van! Then there was the free-revving, it was like the engine was new! Immediate response from the throttle and it seemed to be idling much better than it usually does!

Test Drive

We took the little van out for a test drive on the motorway. We thought a good measure was to drive to Bridgend and back (about a 30 mile trip) on the way to the M4 we had a call out in Barry. We thought we would just drive there to help the client out. When we got to the client we were embarrassed as we realised the little vans waste fuel tank was in fact full. Why is this so important to know? Well, we were so surprised with the response of the vehicle, we didn’t even realise that the 330L (about 1/3 of a ton) of mixed fuel was still in the back! The van was pulling so well, we thought that the fuel tank in the back must be empty! We managed to drain some of our fuel into the jerry cans we hold in the van, get the client fully drained and made our way back to the workshop. Once at the workshop, we drained the fuel tank and took the van for another spin. The improvement was absolutely astonishing! Our little van now pulls hard in EVERY gear and is so much better on fuel! As a mechanic, you are taught that no additive or wonder solution will fix your problem. You are taught to strip, clean and rebuild. We are now converted! We will never just flush and drain any of our own vehicles again!

The Final Test

engine detox after results

Look how clean the oil is after 84 miles and 2 hours of engine running!

Our final test to see just how good this service is, was to check the dipstick. Now, we had driven 84.4 miles, left the van running whilst we drained the disabled vehicle and then left the van running whilst we drained our tank on board of waste fuel. In total, the engine had been running for over 2 and a half hours! We then checked the dip stick to see the colour of the oil…. We were blown away! The oil was as clear as when we had first put it in! Remember, this is a 230,000 mile engine, which has been pulling over 1/3 of a ton of mixed fuel plus 1/4 ton of fuel drain equipment (plus 2 large fitters) over 84 miles and been running for over 2 hours!

The Offer

We are now taking bookings for your complete engine detox service!

As of today, we are taking bookings for April (as we are already nearly fully booked for March!) If you book your engine detox with us, we will perform a FREE TEC4 Carbon Clean at the same time! To ensure your vehicle is in the most tip top condition, we are offering to clean your vehicles fuel and combustion system at the same time detox your lubrication system. The TOTAL cost for this service is £150.00 plus the price of your oil. This service should cost in excess of £350! We are so sure you will be happy with the service that if you don’t notice an INSTANT improvement with your vehicle we will give you back your money!

To take us up on this offer (for a limited time only) call us on 01792 477 555 to book your detox now!


This is the video of our van having its detox.. Book yours today!

See the EDT Automotive video here:






Our Lifetime Warrantylifetime warranty

Swansea Tyre Clutch & MOT Centre are delighted to announce that as of todays date (1st November 2016) we will be offering our clients the ability to have a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all parts (and labour) with every repair we provide!

We have teamed up with our suppliers to offer our clients the very best NO QUIBBLE Warranty. This is on offer to all our clients for all repairs carried out from todays date! There is a small premium charged by our suppliers for this service and our clients are informed of the cost both with and without the lifetime warranty applied. Think of this as an extended warranty which you are offered when you buy any domestic appliance only this time it is no quibble and we will change your parts FREE OF CHARGE for the life of the vehicle! All our client needs to do is simply call us, book in for a parts change (should the parts be at fault) and we will change them without taking any payment whatsoever.


standard warrantyStandard Warranty

The Lifetime package does not affect our standard 12 months which is applied to all repairs. Should you not wish to take advantage of our lifetime package; you can still rest assured you are covered for 12 months parts & labour cover on all our repairs!

Don’t forget we also guarantee to beat any like for like quote from any VAT registered garage in South Wales. Therefore you cant get a fairer deal anywhere!

We are approved by Trading Standards and RAC. You can also find us on the Approved Garages Network. All our mechanics are fully experienced and qualified to service and repair your vehicle. We are also a VOSA Approved MOT Test Centre to class 7 vehicles. Why not pop in and see us at SA1 Business Park, Swansea or call our dedicated customer service team on 01792 477 555 for more information on our services and our warranty packages.

Extended Vehicle Warrantyextended warranty

Although we don’t actually sell vehicles, we are able to organise a dedicated extended vehicle warranties through our reputable warranty partner. We can cover all vehicles of all ages with any amount of miles! Take the worry out of owning a car with our very affordable warranty packages on offer. Call us on 01792 477 555

We offer online booking and take all major credit cards. To make an online booking click here.



MOT Testing

mot testing bay

MOT Testing Swanseamot testing

We are nearly finished digging out our MOT Testing bays! For the past 2 years, we have offered Swansea clients the ability to have MOT Testing carried out with us. We have been using a local MOT Testing station whilst we applied for our accreditation. We were awarded approval in principal a little over 6 months ago but have now started the installation of our MOT Testing bays.

We will be offering reduced MOT costs for the first 12 months of opening our bays! Click here to see the RRP MOT costs. Please note that we will be CONSIDERABLY cheaper!

Swansea Tyre, Clutch & MOT Centre will offer the following services to our valued customers:

MOT Testing while you wait

We have very comfortable waiting areas with refreshments and full views across our busy workshop. We will be offering clients the ability to pop in and have their MOT Testing done whilst they wait.

Class VII (Seven) MOT Testing

We will be able to test all Class VII vehicles which will mean if you are a local tradesman or use a motorhome, we will be able to MOT Test your vehicle for you!

Full Workshop Facilities

We would hope your vehicle will pass its annual MOT Test however, if not we will offer you a full repairing service in our fantastically equipped workshop. All our staff are fully qualified mechanics and will be at your disposal should you need them.

Out of Hours MOT Testing

We understand that tradesmen will need their vehicles to be on the road all week long! We therefore will be allowing (pre-booked) out of hours MOT Testing. This will mean that we can MOT Test your works vehicle through the night so you don’t miss out on vital work!

Out of Hours MOT Repairs

Should your work vehicle fail its MOT Test, we will offer you the opportunity to have your MOT repairs carried out throughout the night! This means that you will be able to have your vehicle back on the road in no time at all! Our workshops are fully equipped and we carry stock in order to perform out of hours servicing and repairs.

You are able to book your MOT online 24/7 by clicking here. 


RAC Warranty

RAC Warranty Repairs in Swansea rac warranty technician

Do you have a vehicle with an RAC Warranty? If you do, we can repair the vehicle for you! We perform hundreds of warranty repairs throughout the year! We can deal directly with the warranty company on your behalf and explain the reason for the repair. We offer all our clients a courtesy car whilst their vehicle is being repaired.

RAC Warranties are administered by a third party business called The Warranty Group (TWG) based in the Isle of Mann. We are able to deal with them directly without the need for you to worry about any complicated claim forms. If your vehicle is covered by an RAC Warranty, just bring it in to us (or have it recovered) and we will do the rest! We will diagnose the issue, report the issue to TWG and do our best to ensure that the repair is done without any problems.

You don’t need to pay us anything (assuming your repair is covered) we will claim full payment directly from RAC Warranty on your behalf.

The RAC Warranty Process

  1. Bring your vehicle to us
  2. Sign the worksheet allowing us to diagnose any issues
  3. Sign the Claim Form
  4. Collect your vehicle repaired and ready to go

Its that simple!

If your vehicle is not covered by your RAC Warranty cover for whatever reason, we will do our very best to keep the costs as low as possible. We will also explain why the repair is not covered and even keep any faulty parts for your inspection.

From time to time, RAC Warranty may want to inspect the vehicle or damaged/faulty parts. This is perfectly normal and part of the process of your claim. We will always allow RAC Warranties agent to inspect the vehicle or faulty parts at our workshop. Where possible, we will also document any repair with photos and a full report and advisory for both you and RAC Warranty.

There are three main warranty levels available to clients:

rac warranty levels







Call Swansea Tyre, Clutch & MOT Centre today to book your warranty repair on 01792 477 555


For more information on RAC Warranties, click here.

VW Golf Service

VW Golf Service in Swanseavw golf service

If you are looking for VW Golf Service then look no further! Swansea Tyre, Clutch & MOT Centre is Swansea’s premier VW Golf Service Specialist.

We know a thing or two about VW Golfs as we have been servicing, repairing and tuning them for over 25 years! We are able to service your Golf to main dealer standard at a fraction of the cost. We only use VW Original Parts and will also give you a FREE RAC MOT Check & Repair Plan worth £750 in MOT repairs, should your vehicle fail its next MOT*

As we fit only original timing belts, we are able to offer the same warranty as VW main dealers. That means, should your timing belt snap or fail for any reason, you are able to take your vehicle direct to VW for repair (including all engine parts). This warranty is valid for 2 years from date of fitting!

You are able to book your VW Golf Service online 24 hours a day 7 days a week by following this link

Or call us now on 01792 477 555 


Swansea Tyre Clutch & MOT Centre Price PromiseVW Golf Service

We Guarantee to BEAT any price from any garage anywhere! Simply put, if you provide us with a WRITTEN quote from a VAT registered garage anywhere!


The Price Promise is available on all products & services offered and fitted in Swansea Tyre Clutch & MOT Centre, and must be applied at the time of purchase. The product must be identical (for tyres – manufacturer, pattern, size, speed rating and load rating: for non tyres – manufacturer, specification and size). For more information please see our terms and conditions.

The Price Promise offer only applies where the product is purchased and fitted as one transaction at Swansea Tyre & Clutch Centre.

*Subject to Terms & Conditions. Full details can be found by clicking here

RAC MOT Check & Repair Plan

RAC MOT Check & Repair Plan

This is the RAC MOT Check & Repair Plan

rac mot check

We are delighted to announce that we are now offering ALL our clients a FREE RAC MOT Check & Repair Plan with EVERY full service we provide!

Every full service carried out by Swansea Tyre, Clutch & MOT Centre will automatically include a free RAC MOT Check & repair plan as long as your vehicle is less than 10 years old and has covered less than 100,000 miles. To book your FREE RAC MOT Check & Repair Plan with your next full service simply call 01792 477 555 or feel free to book online using this link.

What does this mean for me?

In simple terms, if you have your vehicle serviced by us we will perform a vehicle health check. If you car passes the health check, we will issue your vehicle a policy which will cover any MOT repairs on the next MOT! If your vehicle fails the health check, we will rectify the issues guaranteeing to be the cheapest in South Wales (See our Price Promise Here). Then issue your plan to cover your vehicle for the cost of any repairs should your vehicle fail the next MOT COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!

Benefits of the RAC MOT Check & Repair Planrac mot check

  • FREE of Charge
  • Free Vehicle Health Check
  • Protection From Potential MOT Repair Costs
  • Cover For a Wide Variety of Components
  • Cover up to £750 (including VAT Aggregate Claims Limit)
  • Simple Claims Process Via Our Garage

Who can get it?

There are some eligibility rules and the main ones are:

  • Your car must be less than 10 years old, and have done less than 100,000 miles at the date the plan is issued
  • Vehicle has a period not less than 90 days until the next MOT is due
  • Vehicle serviced by an RAC Approved Garage and passed a Vehicle Health Check
  • Private car or light commercial vehicle registered in the UK and not exceeding 3.5tonnes

Did You Know?

62% of motorists have had a vehicle fail its MOT 1

83% of motorists have paid more than £100 to get a vehicle to pass its MOT 2

1 Source: RAC Consumer Research: RAC Motorists’ Opinion Panel – August 2015
2 Source; RAC Consumer Research: RAC Motorists’ Opinion Panel – August 2015

The RAC know that 62% of motorists have had a vehicle fail its MOT. So, to help protect motorists they developed the RAC MOT Check and Repair Plan. The plan is given to you free of charge at the time of a service, provided a Vehicle Health Check has been completed and any remedial work identified is carried out*
The plan covers you for up to £750 of repairs should your vehicle fail its next MOT test**
ï The RAC MOT Check & Repair Plan is free of charge
ï Peace of mind that if your vehicle needs repairs to pass its MOT, the plan will cover you for specific parts
ï Covers repairs up to a total of £750
For more information about the RAC MOT Check and Repair Plan and full terms and condition please visit: www.rac.co.uk/approvedgarage or alternatively speak to a member of the team.
*Remedial work completed at your own expense
**Please note only the items specified in the plan are covered. Any other repairs remain your own responsibility. £750 of repairs is inclusive of VAT

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